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Cutting Edge Lab Testing and Ancient Herbal Medicine

Become Energetic, Healthy and Sexy in an era of stress and non-stop business!

I've struggled for the last 7 years with very uncomfortable symptoms. No amount of conscious eating nor exercise provided relief from pain or toning my belly. I also intuitively knew my gut was in charge of so much of my overall well-being and I really wanted to learn how to heal the imbalance of my mind, body and heart to reduce inflammation and return to a state of vitality. I knew I needed help. As a meditation and mindfulness teacher, I am skeptical of quick fix approaches and felt at home immediately in Olesya's care. She truly understands how our health and wellness are connected to each and every energetic and physiological aspect of the human experience. If you're ready to turn within and truly relax into a path of wellness, Olesya is a trusted guide.

Becca Peters

You Are A Lamborghini

not a crappy Ford Pinto!

Living a thriving, luxurious life is about the quality of what is underneath the surface. You are a Lamborghini, not a Ford Pinto, and you need to treat your body like the incredible machine it is. You can’t even see most engines from the outside of a car, but the engine in the Lamborghini is tuned to perform at levels other cars could never reach. When you are ready to put your foot down and pass the competition, the power is there, immediately!

Does your body have that same energy when your mind is ready to go?

I want you to move beyond managing symptoms and deal with health issues at their root cause. You can’t live a luxurious life when your body’s engine is broken, no matter how many times you have it detailed or wash the outside. I want your body to perform at its peak and have the potential to ascend beyond the limits of others without burning out.

Explore Your Potential



I want you to value your body just like a sports car or a dream home.  You recognize there is incredible potential once you customize and perfect it.

Our goal is to identify the aspects of your body that are holding back your mind and use modern tests to identify the root causes that needs correction.  When your body has ENERGY, it has healthy endocrine organs and hormones, active and clear brain and optimal digestion that runs on any fuel.

I will also introduce powerful mental exercises that help connect your mind to your own, personal Tree of Life. This new foundation helps you elevate your consciousness above primal emotions to a higher perspective where you have the ability to recreate the world into what you desire.

Connect Your Mind & Body

My whole life changed. Olesya holds you through every step of the process. She is your partner in figuring out exactly what is going on with your unique system and designs programs that are custom fit for your body and goals. Her approach is holistic, intelligent and wrapped in warmth and kindness. You feel completely supported on a weekly basis.

Since working with Olesya over the last four months I have lost the weight effortlessly, my energy is back and friends and family are asking me what I am doing because I look so much younger and more vital. I feel great! She is a total gem and her work is life changing...

Catherine Gray

Take your physical and spiritual form to the next level with every tool available

I want to introduce you to a whole new library of health knowledge that has been overlooked by many for so long.  One that has applied science to spirituality, integrated traditional medicine without the bias of big pharma, and optimized proven treatments with modern technology.  Russia has been developing its own healthcare and medicine for centuries.  Until they just recently jumped back into the spotlight with scandal, my birth country was exploring health with an open mind, combining the best discoveries of the Eastern and Western worlds. Behind the Iron Curtain, scientists working for the Kremlin were keeping the Russian elite in peak health with secret life extension breakthroughs and testing ancient spiritual practices to gather empirical, scientific data.

There is a reason Pavlov and Rasputin are still household names in the west!  Russian scientific research and spiritual practices have captured the imagination of many over the years.  These discoveries and beliefs had to survive the scrutiny of top scientists during the Cold War to survive, and their studies have generated the data to prove results.  Our modern world has forgotten so much of what was discovered in the past.

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Journey With Olesya

For years I have been helping men and women recover their youthful bodies using the same products and practices that I am using on myself. I’ve helped other women and personally reclaimed youth and fertility without synthetic hormones. You can regrow hair, heal lifelong ailments and destroy mental blocks created by trauma in your past. A whole new level of health is available to you!

When I began my own health journey I was surprised by how many of the newest health fads over in America reminded me of my childhood in Siberia. My mother and grandmother were brewing their own kombucha on the windowsill of our cabin. So many of the natural health supplements I was introduced to as a child are being rediscovered by modern health mavericks and being marketed as the latest Superfood and miracle cure! From Siberian Shilajit (Mumio), Rodiola, Spermidine, Light Water and more, modern health gurus are “inventing” products that Russians have been using for centuries.

I am convinced our best future is a combination of modern technology with wisdom from the past. When you build on the intuition of healers in the past, who explored the world without prejudice, with the modern tools we have to produce the purest elements and analyze their effect on our bodies, there appears to be no limit to how far we can push ourselves.

Hear My Story

There are no words that could ever describe what Olesya has done for me. I went to school for a Masters in Nutrition, studied Chemistry and understand how food works inside our bodies on a molecular/cellular level. However, a part of me, my Higher Self, KNEW that there was a way to connect the Mind and Body and Spirit but I never was able to find someone who could GUIDE me THROUGH IT.

Until I met Olesya.

Stephanie Guerrero

this is your Sign

If you were waiting for it, here is your SIGN. I want to create a bespoke set of experiments and practices for you to begin unleashing your unique, limitless energy.  The same energy you had as a child, but larger, more confident and mature just as your spirit is now!

It's time for you to actively pursue what is you wish to create in your life through your body and to acknowledge the presence of the powerful new energies all about you. Each day will bring these changes, a new lifeforce will itself be surging through you, and every cell radiates this bright, strong fierce new energy.

To be effective this energy need to be directed not tamed, but given places to flow into and we shape them into your energetic, healthy, forever young body. 

Time to move forward and thrive!
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