My Story Began in Snow Covered Siberia

I Have Lived My Life Without Limits

Imagine How I Can Help You Architect Your Limitless Life?

As a little girl living in a small village in Siberia, I had to leave the cabin at night to use the outhouse.

My life has taken me across the world, blessed me with a family and wealth that little girl never dreamed of.

Let's start back at the beginning... It wasn't until I moved to America for college that I was introduced to Western medicine and began my journey to reclaim the health and energy I had as a child. In my late 20’s doctors diagnosed me with PCOS, hypothyroidism, IBS, endometriosis and early menopause.  Like many of you, I believed the next step involved some kind of treatment or medicine.

Can you believe they couldn’t offer any solutions?

I knew, I believed, intuitively that my body could overcome these issues and heal itself. I wanted to start a family and the medical establishment had me thinking I might never have kids.

My quest for knowledge began with exploring every healing modality and detox method available from today’s “alternative” health experts and naturopathic doctors. I became a functional medicine practitioner, nutritionist. I felt better but... I put so much effort into staying healthy… I wanted to find out how I got that way, why are we all so sick?

I felt so discouraged, despite feeling better and looking better than in my late 20s. So much effort!!! I still noticed early signs of aging and my energy was not the same. My PCOS, infertility, hypothyroidism and menopause disappeared but… I still had IBS, low progesterone and endometriosis. My symptoms were milder but I lived in a constant battle with my body.

I looked at pretty famous doctors I loved. I’ve used their protocols on myself and realized that they are aging and they don't have that spark, energy and potency in them. Despite all the medical research, endless supplements and protocols, complicated nutrition plans and diets. Ten years made a big DIFFERENCE.

I continued my research and realized that medical diagnoses are just symptoms and they are not the true issue our body is fighting. We start having problems in our body when we lose ENERGY. We get sick and look old when we lose energy. I made it my goal to find how we can have the ENERGY, POTENCY and LOOKS we deserve.

As I reached the limits of our modern, cutting edge medicine, I reached into my past to go further.

Supplements experts were recommending were herbs my Grandmother and I had harvested from the forest in the Siberian Summers. Home remedies my mother used on me as a child. I remembered childhood stories of government medical discoveries, practices that were used by Kosmonauts to reach the peak of health as they reached the stars.

My strategy became to use the best available knowledge from Eastern and Western medicine to achieve the healthy body I have searched for my whole life. I rejected the limits modern thinking has attached to age, and strived to become a Limitless Woman!

Using these methods I have become a proud mother of two beautiful children. I have grown an independent business sharing this knowledge with women like you, hungry for real solutions to health issues. Even with all this, I know it is still just the beginning!

I really believe with the right care, we can recapture our youth for decades longer than doctors think possible. Every day I am exploring new, exciting realms of nature, looking for clues to unlock the next level of my life. I think you share this curiosity as well.

I want to go on this adventure with you!