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Becoming Limitless

What do you think of when people talk about Eastern Medicine?

Is it the ancient practices out of China, a rejection of modern medicine with a focus on mystic cures and folk wisdom?  It has become an attractive alternative to so many that have been let down by modern medicine and western science.  In many ways, our modern medicine has begun to not only fail us, but sabotage our efforts to get well!

Modern medicine in the West is focusing almost entirely on managing symptoms instead of healing.  True health is about getting to the reality of your problems and solving the underlying cause. Don’t let your beauty only reach skin deep!

Living a thriving, luxurious life is about the quality of what is underneath the surface.  You are a Lamborghini, not a Ford Pinto, and you need to treat your body like the incredible machine it is. You can’t even see most engines from the outside of a car, but the engine in the Lamborghini is tuned to perform at levels other cars could never reach.  When you are ready to put your foot down and pass the competition, the power is there, immediately!

Does your body have that same energy when your mind is ready to go?

I want to introduce you to a whole new library of health knowledge that has been overlooked by many for so long.  One that has applied science to spirituality, integrated traditional medicine without the bias of big pharma, and optimized proven treatments with modern technology.  Russia has been developing its own healthcare and medicine for centuries.  Until they just recently jumped back into the spotlight with scandal, my birth country was exploring health with an open mind, combining the best discoveries of the Eastern and Western worlds. Behind the Iron Curtain, scientists working for the Kremlin were keeping the Russian elite in peak health with secret life extension breakthroughs and gathering scientific data on ancient spiritual practices.

The wealthy members of Russia are keeping their bodies in peak mental and physical condition just like they are maintaining their luxury cars and mansions.  If you have decorated your dream house, or finished your car collection, have you thought about your most important possession?  We are all moving through life, living in a miraculous machine of body and mind.  Are you maintaining this one-of-a-kind work of art with the same passion?

I want you to move beyond managing symptoms and deal with health issues at their root cause.  You can’t live a luxurious life when your body’s engine is broken, no matter how many times you have it detailed or wash the outside.  I want your body to perform at its peak and have the potential to ascend beyond the limits of others without burning out.

I spent years researching my own health issues, trying to recover from SIBO, endometriosis, fertility problems and weight gain.  My body felt broken, but every doctor I visited just gave me a new prescription that didn’t help.  I started looking into alternatives, and remembered all of the lessons I had learned when I was young.  I began exploring the health discoveries I had heard of in my youth. The research scientists had done during my childhood took on a new significance in my search for answers.

I was surprised by how many of the newest health fads taking over in America reminded me of my childhood in Siberia

My mother and grandmother were brewing their own kombucha on the windowsill of our cabin.  So many of the natural health supplements I was introduced to as a child are being rediscovered by modern health mavericks and being marketed as the latest Superfood and miracle cure!  From Siberian Shilajit (called Mumio), Rodiola, Spermidine, Light Water and more, modern health gurus are “inventing” products that Russians have been using for centuries.

My grandmother was the healer of her village in the Siberian wilderness where I would spend my summers with her picking herbs like wormwood and learning from her decades of experience helping other people. She used plants from the forest, like Barduck Root, to cure a whole host of issues: eczema, liver conditions, blood sugar issues, kidney disease and ulcers.  Now we are discovering it even helps treat cancers. I had no idea that my time as a child would come back to help me heal so many people.

I have been exploring every health discovery, no matter its source, to find the truth of what works and what is wasting our time and money.  I want to unlock a whole new source of health for you, based on the declassified documents that became public knowledge when the Soviet government fell.  I was excited to find that so many of the modern alternative health practices I was looking into had already been investigated by scientists.  They weren’t just experimenting with chemicals and surgical procedures, but tapping into the spiritual world and mental practices.

I fell in love with blending science and spirituality.

For years I have been helping men and women recover their youthful bodies using the same products and practices that I am using on myself.  I’ve seen myself and other women reclaim their youth and fertility without synthetic hormones.  You can regrow hair, heal lifelong ailments and destroy mental blocks created by trauma in your past.  A whole new level of health is available to you!

There is a reason Pavlov and Rasputin are still household names in the west!  Russian scientific research and spiritual practices have captured the imagination of many over the years.  These discoveries and beliefs had to survive the scrutiny of top scientists during the Cold War to survive, and studies have generated the data to prove them.  Our modern world has forgotten so much of what was discovered in the past.

Villagers in my region would sprout wheat grains and take a spoonful in the morning to improve libido, prevent aging and address blood pressure. Now companies like Longevity Labs are creating Spermidine supplements after they discovered its potential to aid cell growth and reproductive health.

In 1961 a study was published in Russia linking deuterium depletion to increased wellness and longevity.  Now the company Litewater is selling low deuterium water starting at $25 dollars a bottle!

Ivan Pavlov was one of the earliest scientists studying the link between psychology, health and behavioral therapies. His discoveries are at the core of one of my favorite tools: modern psychosomatic medicine.

Buteyko was using breathing techniques to cure disease and respiratory disorders in the 1950's.

50 years before Morley Robbins started his Root Core Protocol, Ivan Neumyvakin was using Magnesium and Copper Supplements to keep Kosmonauts in Russia’s Space Program healthy.

It is obvious that the healers of the past were achieving amazing results, but didn’t have the framework of modern science to quantify the benefits of their medicine.

Has “modern” medicine failed to help or even acknowledge the health struggles you have been fighting?

I was right there with you not so long ago, and I was able to cure my fatigue, mood swings, infertility, and become an energized mother of two.  I’m living life better today than I was 10, even 20 years ago. I am convinced our best future is a combination of modern technology with wisdom from the past.  When you use the intuition of healers in the past who explored the world without prejudice and the modern tools we have to produce the purest elements and analyze their effect on our bodies, there appears to be no limit to how far we can push ourselves.

I want to unlock your body's highest potential with bespoke, customized protocols based on my discoveries.
I’m inviting you to join me and create your own Limitless Body.

Are you ready to go?