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Desire Life

Remember when you didn't have to put any effort into having energy?

You just had it. Even when you were sick, staying up way past midnight, drinking and barely eating. 

We couldn't stop running around. Standing still or staying at home were extremely boring. As you matured, you learned to be calm and focused, using that energy towards a purpose with POTENT effect. Why do people seem to lose that focus, losing ENERGY and DESIRE as we age? We become IMPOTENT. Physically, energetically, mentally, sexually…

That question led me to find 3 major reasons why we lose ENERGY and begin AGING.

My goal as a healer is to allow you to stop battling disease and take simple, effortless, pleasurable steps in reconnecting to your body to elevate your energy. Doing this will reverse the process of aging. 

As a child, you have a powerful, fundamental desire to LIVE.

All our emotions created by the fear of death begin to manifest as we move beyond the love of our mother’s arms, our father’s attention, outside the unconditional love of family. We learn the existence of conditional love. Our survival instincts kick in and we worry we will not be enough. Something will cause the tribe to reject us and we will die.

It is only a matter of time, the collective program we share on Earth introduces us to emotional trauma. Something happens: our parents divorce, betrayal of a loved one, physical abuse, sexual abuse, or an innocent event like being sent to school when you didn’t want to leave the house. We exaggerate because we anticipate the worst.
We have switched to a Fear of Life.

Often it is drama in the family. Even if it is just feeling like you didn’t get enough love from your mom or your dad! Ask yourself who you need to forgive, your dad or your mom and answer fast!

Your Father represents God.
Mother represents the Earth.
Which did you choose?  Hold that answer as you read more.

If you chose your Father, you are feeling abandoned by God. He left me. I’m alone. You lose your trust in him. You don’t want to believe in him because your brain wants to rationalize your emotions. You feel that pain, that separation, that void. Part of you still wants to be connected to him so badly that you activate the program of death.

How do we know you don't trust god? The answer is easy… do you ever feel guilty or feel worried? If the answer is yes, you don't completely trust god. You don't trust god enough not to worry that what supposed to happen will happen and everything that's happening is for YOUR BENEFIT. 

If you chose your Mother, you are rejecting the world.  It feels unfair, cold and alien to you.  You do not want to love a place that is not loving you.  You want to return to a place of power, protection and love. This readiness to leave Earth, and join God, activates your program of death. 

You might drink, smoke, use drugs, work too much until your health falls apart.  Maybe this is inventing harsh mindsets for yourself like always worrying about money, creating drama with people at work, and finding ways to be unhappy about good events. You might switch to healthy lifestyle and start “killing” yourself with tons of exercise, endless supplements, new diets, new health trends.

You are making yourself a victim!

These actions you take to self-destruct are creating incredible guilt.  Guilt is the most aging and damaging feeling on Earth! You feel guilty of drinking alcohol when you should be dieting, you feel guilty of screaming at your children when you need to be a good parent, you feel guilty of waking up too late, working less than you should, more than you should, not spending enough time with your children.  It doesn’t matter what you do, you have programmed yourself to find fault in it, to create guilt to feed that program of death that is accelerating AGING!

When you are living with the program of death in your brain, your unconscious mind, you are creating circumstances, drama, problems to prove yourself that life on Earth is shitty. You are telling yourself you want to depart and connect with GOD and his love again to feel happy, complete and LOVED!

These mindsets do not remain in your head.  Even without partaking in dangerous activities, your attitude makes real, measurable, physical changes to your body. That desire of death hides deep in your body in your bones. Your bones are not solid, they are composed of living tissue, flexible and smart. It manifests in your body as tension in the bones. Everything starts with bones, not muscles. All the psychosomatic issues, stress, energy gets stuck in the bone first and then manifests into tension in your muscles and fascia. There is no more life giving blood flowing to your brain and to your organs.

When you activate your “desire of death” program your cells make your wish their command. They create the conditions for you to start losing energy. It all begins at the chemical level. When you are creating drama and STRESS in your life, you start burning through magnesium and it becomes oxidative stress. Your brain, liver and small intestine accumulate iron and iron feeds parasites, bacteria and fungus. So your brain can’t function and tell your endocrine system what to do. This is how hormone imbalances begin!

We also manifest negative programs in our microbiome that we got from our mom and grandmother. Microbiome bacteria are passed to you as a baby bringing its own biofield and information that activate genes responsible for conditions like endometriosis or hypothyroidism. Deactivating the programs, the way of thinking that runs in your family, and changing your microbiome can rid you of lifelong inflammation in your digestive system, endometriosis symptoms, life long constipation and diabetes. These conditions are happening because the information lives in your BODY.

This is why some people cannot seem to shake issues when they are making changes from just one angle. If you are trying to reject your Desire of Death purely through mental practices, you might be frustrated with how impossible it feels! Once you have the whole picture, you see how closely connected your mind and body are.  The changes you desire become incredibly effortless and easy to achieve.

Healing becomes NATURAL!

Your change must begin with your Mind! You have already taken the first step by reading this article.  Now you must use your Mind to apply changes to your Body. So, like a seed planted in soil, your body becomes a fertile birthplace for new instructions that will reshape your thinking.  By constantly repeating this cycle, you move closer to your Limitless Body!

When I Architect your Limitless Body, I use the state of the art protocols the Soviet government used to prepare our astronauts for missions in space. These practices were all but forgotten outside the Party Elites when the Soviet Union fell, but recently western healers have begun to independently rediscover them.  Their modern testing, with the latest scientific methods, have confirmed the extensive testing that was done in Russia over 50 years ago!

You need to give your body an internal system makeover to remove old programs. Reshaping your body into a vessel of the stars gives it the strength to make the issues here on Earth all but trivial. You rejuvenate blood flow, clear your lymphatic system, get rid of the parasites and fungus that are eating you alive.  The health you begin to manifest is not a facade created by the latest patented medicine, it is a deep, true health rooted to your Tree of Life.

Keep in mind, when you have that “desire of death” program activated, you will have an illusion of taking care of yourself! You may be doing lots of complicated health protocols, going to practitioners who sound great and give you an illusion of taking care of your health. The problem is you attract the practitioners with the same programs that will overcomplicate everything and create the illusion of healing. You will feel like something is not right and that you are like Don Quixote fighting the windmills.

My strategy reshapes your mind, body and spirit in a way where the gravity of aging is transformed and redirected. Instead of fighting for your health, we are reshaping your world where you fall towards health. Every day you are approaching a new destination, where you body becomes healthier, not older or weaker.

You are becoming Limitless!