Olesya wilsOn

Higher Dimension

Years ago, I longed to be a mother.

I dreamed of holding my child in my arms. I was having trouble, so I went to doctors for help. Sitting in the doctor’s office waiting for my test results, I hoped for the best. When she came in and told me the bad news, my whole world closed in around me. Suddenly, I felt more hollow than I had my whole life. It was as if a piece of me had disappeared and I was no longer a whole woman, separated from the rest of the world. There was now a place and identity that, doctors told me, I could never reach.

We are all seeking a deeper understanding of the world and our place in it.

Everyone is longing to connect with a higher reality. Some share emotions with a community of like minded individuals over sports or politics. Some seek the experience mind altering substances. Some go to church on Sunday. Some separate themselves to meditate and look inward.

The methods differ, but the need lives inside all of us.

Today, I want to share a method that I found almost by accident. I have the words to describe it now, and explain where I was, but when it all happened, I was simply lost. My journey was filled with pain, frustration, setbacks and mystery. Now at the other side, my goal is to show you what I see now, that the fastest and easiest way to connect to your soul is through your body.

The gateway to your higher consciousness is your body - clean, healthy and free from parasites (physical, mental, energetic.) Forget everything they told you about what your body can do. All the trauma, karma and your knowledge is stored in your body. Your body wants to be heard and can give you precise insights on how to achieve abundance, dream relationships and create quantum leaps in your life.

We struggle to see clearly, understand the world and why things happen to us and to others. Are we victims of circumstance? No, we are being held back by parasitic forces inside ourselves. Yes, these can be distractions, limiting thoughts and negative energy, but do not discount the physical organisms living off energy inside of you. They are signaling your body to seek comfort and routine, putting obstacles in your path.

The first action when many people start looking to heal their body and their soul is to add something to their lives. These take the form of supplements, a diet, habits or routines. These are powerful tools and can deliver incredible results for the right people, but many others fail or stumble even further away from their goals.

I want you to know that I understand and know how that feels!

The one common truth to all of us is that you must reconnect to your body before you can break through. For so many years, forces have hijacked your physical existance and hidden the truth from your mind. When you begin clearing these blocks away, your spirit is freed and you will experience amazing leaps forward with your body and spirit. My experiences living without food or water for days at a time, released such energy inside me that I even had trouble sleeping!

To reconnect, you must first remove everything that is in the way. Your body knows how to do this, but it cannot begin until you free it from the daily routine of abuse, food and pleasure. Right now, if you live our normal modern life, it is so busy fighting the toxins and forces inside of us that nothing will change. You need to intentionally reduce, declutter, simplify and minimize. If you simply add meditation to your routine, you will find yourself snapping back to your old self as soon as you open your eyes.

This focus on the body is at first counter-intuitive. Some see the world in black and white, physical and spiritual. I feel how they are connected. Your body is the physical anchor to your spiritual self. It can weigh you down, or shoot to the stars carrying you along effortlessly.

These days I have incredible dreams when I sleep. I see impossible visions of the future and wake knowing I can manifest them. The whole world looks brighter, more colorful and REAL.

I say this now as a 40 year old mother of two beautiful children, that I had naturally by the way.

This morning, I woke up looking forward to my day. This morning, I got my two children dressed and ready for school as they complain and refuse to put on their shoes.

This morning, I felt gratitude!

I remember when I had to dream about these moments and know it was only a matter of time until it would be my new life. I invite you to think about something you were told you could not have, a new dimension you are trying to reach. Imagine how you can make it reality if you had more energy, got better sleep, felt 20, 30 years younger, could wear the clothes of your dreams and feel like the sexiest woman (or most handsome man) alive.

Let me show you how your spirit can fly

once your body becomes weightless.


Your body desires to ascend!