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Magic Potions

Fairy Tales are full of potions, herbs and food
that have mystical effects on the human body.

Have you considered if these tales drew inspiration
from real experience with actual treatments used long ago?

Today I want to share real, scientifically verified potions that I use with my clients to unlock hidden potential in their bodies.  These are commonly available remedies that have been used for decades, but were left behind as companies "invented" new and patentable products with more "research" and profit.  Some were victims of politics, as the people who invented or discovered them did not toe the party line, and thus could not be acknowledge without shaming the powerful.

The last two years might have introduced you to some of this unfortunate behavior.  Medicines that have been used for 50 or 100 years showing new uses in sudden emergencies, but they were ridiculed, censored and banned without considering the incredible low cost of their use, even if it provided little or no benefit.  Action was demanded, but only the course chosen by politicians was allowed.

The greatest benefit behind these potions are the way they work their effect.  Because they do not fight a single ailment, but instead elevate the natural and healthy function of our bodies, they are relatively harmless and cannot become toxic easily.  Unlike modern remedies like pain relievers, they do not cause damage to liver tissue and are safe for even the youngest among us.

That is not to say you should run out and use them without research! I want this guide to introduce you to these incredible discoveries, and I would be more than happy to guide you on their use.  Down below there is a link where you can speak with me directly if you have questions.

With all of that out of the way, let us travel back in time to my childhood.

When I had strep infections as a child, my mother would give me a bitter blue liquid that would stain my mouth.  It was common to treat bacterial and viral issues orally this way in Sibera when other modern treatments were not available.  Imagine my surprise when I learned modern biohackers like Dave Asprey were talking about using Methylene Blue to improve oxygen uptake and mental function!

Methylene Blue was invented by a German Chemist named Heinrich Caro back in 1876. It was used as an industrial and medical dye, but was found to be effective in treating malaria in 1891. It's use in World War 1 was followed by it's discovery to be a treatment to cynide and carbon monoxide poisoning. Like many other effective treatments to come in this article, it has been religated to animal and pet use.  However, biologically, we are very similar to animals in many ways.  You can imagine that many of these benefits are shared between species. When keeping fish, it is used to treat fungal and parasitic infections.  In 1994 it was reintroduced as a treatment to help chemotherapy patients.  It's magical blue appearance makes it the perfect addition to any magic potion.

The next potion on this list was first synthesized in 1866 by the Russian scientist Alexander Zaytsev. Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) is a non-toxic solvent created as a by-product of manufacturing paper.  On it's own, it harmlessly penetrates skin and delivers a powerful anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect in the area.  Arthritis and muscle pains are commonly treated with DMSO, but it's real power is the ability to carry topical treatments into deep tissue.  Our skin is an amazing organ and acts as a near inpentrable barrier to outside toxins and pathogens.  This barrier becomes a problem when you need to deliver treatments to muscles, joints and other organs inside.  DMSO can be mixed and applied with a variety of ointments to target issues close to the surface.  My favorite is a combination of Magnesium with DMSO for powerful muscle and joint relief, but the combinations and applications are nearly endless!

The final potion we will cover today is my favorite, a formulation worthy of a witch's brew.  Rumors of ancient alchemic secrets and high temperature processing of frog tissue made it contraversial in medical circles. It is an alternative that I only use in my one on one work with select people who are willing to test the limits of their body.

In 1947 A. V. Dorogov created a liquid that would become entangled in the highest levels of the Russian Government. Without a patent system to secure his work, Dorogov named this medicine after himself to prevent other doctors from claiming his success.  It is known simply as ACD in Russia, but the Cyrillic "C" becomes "S" when translated to DAS, or Dorogov's Antiseptic Stimulant. This invention was caught up in scandal that involved the Soviet Government's Minister of Health and even Stalin himself.

It was original created as a cure-all treatment and life extension with idea planted from his Biblical study that "death eliminates death." His work was noticed by Soviet politician L. Beria who was searching for anything that could help his mother who was sick with cancer. Working with Dorogov, Beria was able to miraculously cure his mother and took this news to Stalin. His product was immediately approved for use across Russia and soon stories were spreading across the USSR of treating skin diseases, tuberculosis, asthma, cardiovascular diseases and even nervous system damage.  His success attracted envy from much of the medical community and when Stalin died, Dorogov and Beria were executed shortly thereafter.

After Dorogov’s death in 1957 his discovery fell out of favor and was slowly lost to time.  It remains in use for animal livestock in Russia but dispite all of our modern research, ACD does not appear to have any other analog in the medical world.  A small community of enthusiasts have continued using it to help people, but due to it's cheaper market value, there has been no commercial interest in marketing it.

My experience with ACD has been dramatic, and I cannot wait to share the benefits of this forgotten potion.  It shows promise as a key component of my Limitless Body program.  Powering our body's natural work to keep us young and healthy, I haven't seen anything else deliver results like this.

I use these products myself, daily, in my own pursuit of a Limitless Body to prove their effect to myself. If you are interested in applying the benefits of magic potions like these to your health and lifestyle, you are a perfect candidate for my Limitless Body program!

My Lamborghini Engine component of the Limitless Body program is all about giving your body the exotic, high quality, unique fuel that it needs to operate at a level above anyone else!

I Want Your Body To Become Legendary!

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