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Make Your Body Legendary

Let me tell you a secret: people had a lot more energy 200, even 1000 years ago.

We couldn't stop running around. Waging wars. Building new lives. Standing still or staying at home were unheard of. What gave the warriors of our past their strength?  What are we missing today?

After hundreds of HTMA tests I have seen a pattern that people with major hormonal and digestive issues all share. This is the calcification of their cells.

What is causing this worldwide epidemic?

The fertilizers that fed the entire planet were changed in mid 1850s Germany and soon after, the whole world followed.

Our food is missing key elements. Important minerals that help Calcium go to our bones instead of the brain and soft tissue. Calcium is forced into your brain, organs and tissues instead of being transported by your blood to bones and teeth. This deficiency causes starvation of calcium and magnesium in the places they are needed most. Your bones and teeth need these elements to prevent osteoporosis and tooth decay.

Most of these problems build up over a long period, so slowly you may not even notice, and when you go to the doctors they simply tell you “you’re getting older!”

The conventional “wisdom” of doctors is to supplement Calcium as you age, but high calcium intake is a prescription for accelerated aging! Older people with aching joints and bones have plenty of calcium,  stored in the wrong places!

Warning signs of Calcium Accumulation and Aging include:

Muscle cramps, joint stiffness

Poor blood and lymph circulation

Nerve transmission disorders

Losing eye sight. Time for glasses?

Reduced hormonal output

Reject these signs of aging!

Reclaim your battle hardened, warrior body that nature gave you!

Now, what if I told you that arthritis is easy to prevent and cure? That osteoporosis is completely unnecessary? That your thyroid can be brought back to life with a cheap and powerful element? That a powerful and effective fungicide, anti-viral and anti-microbial is easily and cheaply available?

Is the doctor is telling you that your thyroid is fine, but you are experiencing classic symptoms of thyroid dysfunction like belly fat, constipation, losing hair, feeling cold fatigued and lethargic?

Let me introduce you to two of the most important elements that have been left behind in our modern pursuit of progress.

Boron is a nonmetallic element occurring naturally and abundantly in Borax. It has many forgotten powers, include the ability to balance hormones. Boron relieves the symptoms of menopause and PMS by regulating your body’s levels of estrogen and testosterone. Boron depletion has been linked to fertility problems and birth defects by many studies.

Borax is a naturally occuring salt first discovered in dry lake beds in Tibet. Over the years it has been frequently mined from dried salt lakes all over the world, and has been used as a remedy for numerous health issues for over 5000 years. Like normal, everyday table salt, it is Sodium balanced with Oxygen, Boron and Water. Borax is commonly found in toothpaste as a whitening agent.

When Borax is taken correctly, it is the most effective, practical way to supplement Boron. It is a powerful remedy and preventative that has been subject to a multi-decade fear campaign by the pharmaceutical industry. The reason - it is just too cheap and too effective. The EPA even re-evaluated Borax in 2006 and found "There were no signs of toxicity observed during the study."

Supplementing Boron by taking Borax helps your body fight conditions including insulin resistance and diabetes. The absence of Boron correlates with an increase in diabetes symptoms, like high blood glucose levels and triglycerides. Since Boron is a key component of insulin production, it helps your body metabolize carbohydrates.

Using Borax as a supplement is a relatively unknown solution to the process of Calcification. Excess calcium hardens cell membranes and decreases cell permeability preventing hormones from crossing into cells properly. Decreased cell permeability due to a Calcium Shell triggers hormone imbalances and nutrient deficiencies. Calcification is one of the major underlying causes of insulin resistance and thyroid problems.

This condition may be why it hurts when someone pinches or even touches you.

When your lipid cell membrane gets calcified, hormones can’t get inside of them and you start to experience all the classic hormone imbalances problems. Vitamins, nutrients, oxygen and glucose can no longer get inside your cells, and your cells can’t produce ATP for your organs to function. This even includes your brain, so it isn’t just about muscles and strength. Say hello to fatigue, mental decline and inevitable aging. All the byproducts of cell activity build up and your cells are choked by their own waste, slowly dying. Any tissue which has excess calcium is stressed and can become necrotic. When oxygen cannot get to the tissue, it dies, and all your organs are at risk, like your liver and pancreas.

Excess Calcium is also attacking the Magnesium your body needs. A Boron deficiency allows too much calcium to move into your cells while magnesium cannot work to displace it properly.

Increasing magnesium is another essential action you can take to break calcium shell. It can quickly halve the daily loss of calcium in the urine. About 99% of the calcium in your body is in the bones, with the remainder in extra-cellular fluids.  When Calcium is delivered to your bones properly, it is not floating in your body causing problems!

We are no longer getting magnesium from our foods and the chronic stress of modern life burns magnesium like rocket fuel! One modern day equals years of stress from a life a hundred years ago.

The 500mg a day recommendation by most naturopaths is laughable and shows their ignorance about what the problem is. Standard serum magnesium tests are absolutely useless and say nothing about our state of health!!! We must consume at least 2 to 3 GRAMS daily to get even close to the levels we need. Magnesium is needed in the reactions of countless enzymes, and a deficiency leads to reduced energy production and healing.

Young bodies with proper nutrition have a calcium to magnesium ratio of 2:1. If you feel the effects of “aging,” supplementing with Borax and Magnesium helps reclaim misplaced calcium and redirects it back into the bones.

Your hormones don’t need modern medications, your body can normalize them and your brain function is enhanced by naturally-occurring elements that are simply missing from our modern diets. We must have Boron in our diet and it is found in many vegetables, fruits, nuts and legumes.

Even just fifty years ago, people got many times more Boron from their food than they do today. Modern diets causes severe deficiency of Boron, with disastrous health consequences. The practice of picking fruit and vegetables before they ripen, to keep them from spoiling while they are shipped across the world, leaves them lacking all the minerals and vitamins they should contain.

The secrets to amazing health and a beautiful, strong body are available to us.

In America and Australia Borax is banned for therapeutic use, but is still available in the laundry section of supermarkets. Borax is such a potent and effective remedy that it deserves to be widely used and should be in every home. Why has Borax been discredited? It is so cheap and so effective that pharmaceutical companies have worked tirelessly to replace it with patented medications. They managed to get it completely banned in Europe!

Because Boron stimulates the production of testosterone and normalizes estrogen it can even act as an aphrodisiac for men and women, preventing low libido.

Borax protects against the accumulation of fluorides in the body; is effective as an antidote for fluoride toxicity; and can remove fluorides from the body.

If the Western population knew about how to correctly us borax, iodine, magnesium, DMSO, shilajit, sulfur, Methylene blue, ozone therapy, oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, herbs like celandine, cava and rhodiola. If doctors were allowed to prescribe it, the pharmaceutical industry would be destroyed, health care revenues would plummet. The most profitable parts of health care, like synthetic hormones and the managed decline of older people with weak bones, would disappear.

The huge pharmaceutical and medical industries are doing everything they can to discredit and smear these amazing remedies. Hundreds of medications from Evista, Fosamax and Boniva to Viagra would become unnecessary!

In those countries where pharmaceutical companies have less influence with lawmakers, Borax is widely accepted for common use. In my home countries, Russia and Ukraine, it is still used today.

It is a key element of my Lamborghini Engine program, one of three areas of healing that I use to architect Limitless Bodies for my clients.  This aspect of my practice is all about giving your body the fuel it needs to run flawlessly.  Just as an exotic car needs premium fuel, your body has incredible potential when it is given clean, quality ingredients that it can use to run optimally.

Low production of hormones, particularly steroidal hormones, can cause low energy, tiredness, anger and depression, poor sexual function, digestive problems and numerous other ailments often diagnosed as adrenal exhaustion or just premature aging.

When you replace bad inputs with truly natural building blocks, performing at levels you never thought possible becomes effortless.  The gravity and friction of the world fall away giving you limitless potential.

Join me in redefining age to be just another number.
It doesn’t need to limit you, or your health.
Build your body into an immortal warrior.

Stand with legends that came before and will endure forever.