Olesya wilsOn

Modern Possession

Do you ever feel like you are not in control of your body?

I used to feel like a zombie until I had coffee in the morning. Sleeping was out of the question until I drank some wine. I always had a craving for one food or another. The worst part was, I knew these habits were not healthy for me, but I couldn’t imagine getting through the day without them.

Today we think of possessions and exorcisms as superstitious concepts that have no place or evidence in our technologically advanced, modern world. We have delved the depths of time and space with super colliders and telescopes and found no evidence of the supernatural. Anything that cannot be explained, that falls outside our understanding is misinformation or just one more experiment away from being explained.

How much pride we have in our understanding of the world. Yet there is so much begging for further examination, teasing us with new questions if we only took the time to look!

We all have experienced strange compulsions in our lives, swings in emotion that had no cause, thoughts and cravings that seem to come from out of nowhere. Have you found yourself standing in front of the refrigerator, looking for something to eat even though you don’t remember feeling hungry? Grabbing a can of soda though you aren’t thirsty? These strange events don’t seem serious enough to pay much attention to, but I want to shine a light on their importance as symptoms of an affliction many live with and fight everyday.

Doctors and scientists can measure the behavior of your brain by detecting the electromagnetic signals emitted by the operation of your neurons. When we take this method and apply it to the entire body, we can listen to frequencies of a whole person. These are often called Biofields, the electromagnetic field generated by biology. All the processes in your body use energy, not just thinking with your brain.  As your body breaths, digests food, pumps blood and blinks we can measure these signals.

Russian scientists undertook an experiment recording the electromagnetic readings of patients. They wished to measure human health in a quantifiable way without blood draws or time consuming lab work. They recorded the Biofields of healthy and unwell to collect sample data and create a system. What they discovered in the most sick patients from their study was the appearance of a second Biofield. In the most severe cases, this Biofield exceeded the strength of the human frequencies as if the person was disappearing behind a more powerful presence.

We are possessed by an entity that can overwhelm us, consuming who we are!

You see, all of us are a product of two ecosystems. Our cells contain our DNA, passed down to us from our parents at birth, defining a part of who we are. The other system is the bacteria, fungus, viruses, gut biome and even parasites that live inside of us! This is another part of us, passed down from our mother’s body when we are born, evolving and growing with us day by day. We do not appreciate the effect it has on us in determining our future health.

If neglected, weeds and invaders move in to thrive. As they gain ground, we experience brain fog, fatigue, joint pain, cravings, compulsive behaviors and illness. We are being possessed!

We must exorcise these alien influences from our body!

As our body loses this battle, we lose control of our body. The food we crave is not healthy for us, it is what the bacteria, yeast and parasites inside of us want. Going without food for 4 hours, or fasting, is unthinkable because of how quickly these feelings overwhelm us and how uncomfortable we become.

I will tell you how to feel the difference between unnatural hunger and the true hunger when your body has finished digesting everything inside of it. When you feel it again, your body really lacking food, it will be distinct and memorable. The telltale sign you are truly hungry is that your stomach will begin to rumble. We know this sensation as a child, and see it in cartoons, but close your eyes and try to remember the last time you experienced it!

There are other symptoms of possession you should look out for. If you frequently exercise, stay active or train for events, you may not feel these cravings. That is very good, but if you quickly gain weight when you are not exercising, or take longer to see results in the gym, you may still have a presence waiting to pounce. Many athletes experience a quick decline in health after they stop training, and I know this second ecosystem is to blame.

I am so happy to tell you now that you can reclaim your body. There is action you can take to reject this malevolent force. The choices we make each day can nurture your second ecosystem, plant a garden that produces health and wellness. Once you tear out what your body does not need, you can rebuild a system that yields prosperity, success and health. Because now your body is working in harmony with an ecosystem crafted to work for you, not one working for it’s own selfish interests.

Exorcise the dark presence inside you.

Turn your body back into a garden of Eden.